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Wednesday, January 09, 2008 Jujiin 2 Comments Category : ,

The hum of the electric fan and the occasional traffic noise serve as the soundtrack of the moment. I sit quietly and purposefully.
The plentiful stream of air coming from the fan gives an exotic exhilaration. That gush disturbs everything and no-thing in its path. Strands of hair that move around my face give me an unimaginable bliss. My fingers start to travel on the leathered sofa as I acknowledge its presence.
I open my eyes.
My living room is the same but more vibrantly colored. I move my eyes around and there's a feeling of order that the room exudes. There's peace.
I smile.
I smile not with muscles but with light.
I am here and my body is working in synch with everything that is, free from anything that is false.
I am light manifested in this form.
And in my presence, darkness cannot survive.