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Anthill Station

Sunday, June 22, 2008 Jujiin 0 Comments Category : ,

After eating lunch (shogayaki, rice, nori and mushroom soup) that mom prepared we braved the weather and took the densha to Shinjuku that was sixteen stops total. 40-45mins. This was the station that everybody, plus a travel book, had warned me about: busiest station in the world with 3 million passengers daily. HUGE and intimidating! It was a never-ending flow of human traffic coming from just about everywhere. I could get lost there and I wouldn’t have a problem about it.

Ah, the first real Tokyo moment after a week of stay in Japan… the energy of the city sent shockwaves crawling down my spine as we stepped out of the station.

The streets were cramped with neon lights that complimented the beautiful noise of the city and the offbeat kids it owns. From a bird’s eye view, a stampede of white transparent umbrellas covered the road when it started to rain.

Ganguro-looking girls serviced a mall of about 8 floors. A better description would be Japanese Mariah Carey’s. Next mall had a three-storey space for Lolita/goth/punk/cosplay clothes. I died. I died many, many times. The sales girls and boys were dressed to impress my eyes. They killed me. And the clothes they sell were awefuckingsome and expectedly expensive so I died again. I was numb and hungover from all the pain and giddiness when we got into Mitsukoshi.  I was indifferent. I can't wait to see Harajuku and Shibuya.