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Day 7

Saturday, June 21, 2008 Jujiin 0 Comments Category : , , , ,

Mom and I had our hair done at Agureshibu (Aggressive?), a minute or two walk from mom's place and just in front of the Koiwa station. I told mom to tell the stylist I don't speak the language and just refer to her whenever needed. I know how important communication is when it comes to cutting hair so I just brought a photo of the style I wanted. They took our bags and put into a locker. Shampooing was an option and you need to pay extra for it. They know how to work your scalp that I almost fell asleep. I didn't empty my hands with a magazine so I could keep my attention off my hair and thus avoid eye contact and communication. I'm just not comfortable when they talk to me, even more so when they know I'm a foreigner. But they still and always do. If hand gestures fail, I smile and bow and say hai or daijobu or irenai. 

The stylist did a great job and that's without talking. He only had 10 seconds to look at the peg and he got it. Mom was just about to start with the cutting when I rose from my seat. I knew this all along, that I had to wait for her for hours so I went out onto the streets of mom's neighborhood alone in my new haircut.

I saw boots, wallets, hats that I liked down Flower Road but I only had Y2,000+ in my wallet. Flower Road was appropriately lined with flowers you won't find in Dangwa. Each block uniquely designed and arranged. There were big, big lanterns that looked like Rainbow Brite's pet jellyfish that danced with the strong nudges of the cold, cold wind. The whoosh was beautiful as the colored papers swim in the air. 

I stood by the vendo at the corner of the street and flicked a cigarette. 

Mom called after an hour and a half. We took the densha to Kinshicho for dinner. She told me it was going to be fancy. The entrance was indeed fancy. A backdrop of flowing water and an automatic wooden wall opened. We were greeted by an even fancier water display at the lobby while someone directed us to our private room. They served Asian cuisine so we had Vietnamese salad, tom yam kung, nashigoren and lamb. We sang Rihannas, Britneys, Mariahs, Whitneys, Gary Valencianos and Michael Jacksons as mom chugged down some red wine. 
After singing Ogie's Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang we went upstairs to Regina to meet up with mom's friend who had bought me Lonely Planet Tokyo. Cheese, wine, gelato, cheesecake.

Outside there was mist blurring the neon lights of the city.