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Nihongo Dekinai

Friday, June 27, 2008 Jujiin 0 Comments Category : , ,

The mighty sun sits comfortably in the 4-PM sky. Its radiant bossiness pricks my unprotected eyes as I walk towards the train station. 

There's this unexplainable feeling of joy whenever I pass my Suica card over the machine that would go peep-peep.  And that feeling is doubled because I'm finally doing it alone. It's some sort of a dry run before I get my ass back to Harajuku on Sunday without mom. 
I always find myself going against the pedestrian current because I keep forgetting about the "left rule." And when I switch sides there's a bicycle getting in my way. Maybe because I look around too much like an eager tourist so I lose my focus. How can I not when there's too many to look at?
Sun Street is your usual shopping complex mostly catering to little kids because it houses Toys 'R Us and arcades. Lots of dogs too. The pet shop is huge. They sell squirrels!
I entered a novelty store where I saw stickers that would look good on my macbook. In my wallet there's cash and a couple of words: nihongo dekinai. It means "I don't speak Japanese" in case they tell me something I don't understand which is always the case. The cashier handed out a points card and tried to explain how it works in Japanese and with the occasional and helpful hand gestures. My face looked like it had been paused by a remote control. A thousand bows were exchanged afterwards. She even said something about my wallet and I just quickly replied, "okasan." (mother)
"Oh, presento?"
I nodded.
I came out and felt like a real tourist.
I went to a vendo machine and pressed the wrong drink. I wanted orange juice but I pressed the coffee beside it. Coffee, cigarette and a tourist. From afar there was a kid on a bicycle trying his best to catch up with a teasingly running dove. A girl with bleached hair, pierced nose, skimpy leather shorts and high as heaven heels was buying ice cream. Two girls with two long-haired daschunds shashayed like they were the new Sex and the City. The wind came with music coming from the stage where a pop group was performing. Now I want to watch Lost in Translation again.
I went home when the sky changed its colors.
Bought a couple of magazines and bento for dinner.
Nihongo dekinai count: 5