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Shibuya 2

Monday, June 30, 2008 Jujiin 0 Comments Category :

After days of talking her into buying a Macbook, mom finally gave in. She was excited like she’d vomit butterflies.  And I was getting ready for hardcore tutoring when we’re home. Gulp.

Fell asleep in the car and next thing I knew, we were in Shibuya. I had my camera hanging around my neck and I was ready to pounce like a lion in the middle of a million wildebeest. Everything was prey. An eat-all-you-can feast for the eyes. Confused and overwhelmed, I let go of my camera without defeat in my bones. I joined the great migration with the hopes of blending in as a lion.

We ate at a Chinese restaurant but I was still hungry for the visual orgasm being offered outside those walls. The food kept coming and coming so I swiped my tongue over each plate so we could finish quickly.

From eye level, the crowd looked like ripples on the surface of water moving in definite directions. The neon lights, the attractive buildings and the high school kids with bright colored hair would make you willingly go against the current. And it’s hard to focus. Each sight leads to another and another and another and then you sink in the most beautiful uproar you’ll ever experience.

Putangina! I love Japan!