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Slap me

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 Jujiin 0 Comments Category : ,

(photo by Jorelle)

“I’ve always imagined this moment where I’m walking with you down this street,” mom said as she held onto my arm.

The constellations were in perfect alignment and the pour of evening chill was rightfully felt. I wasn’t sleeping but it did feel like I was dreaming. The smell of cleanliness and the delicious ease of bountiful energy were enough to pinch my toes.

We picked up a few things, like toiletries, at a couple of groceries. It’s been 18 years. Mom kept asking if anything was familiar to me even at the lowest level. Well there was this one logo of a bird that struck me. Apparently, we used to go shopping there with my late grandma when we were here. 


After Narita, we drove to Odaiba.

It was a good kickoff because we rode this big Ferris wheel that gave a magnificent view of Rainbow Bridge and central Tokyo.

I did bring my camera but I just couldn’t focus on one subject. Everything was eyecandy down to the vendo machines. I put my camera down and just breathed the whole experience in.

The sun got ready to succumb when we reached the shore. It was as if the city and its sky were really welcoming me. Indeed a perfect sight.

Walked around Decks Tokyo Beach shopping mall and had a buffet dinner under big squawking crows. My heavy stomach started to match my heavy eyes. But we weren't done yet. They drove me around central Tokyo: Roppongi, Harajuku and Shibuya. Sort of a prologue to this dreamlike adventure.