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Tokyo D

Thursday, June 19, 2008 Jujiin 0 Comments Category :

We took the densha going to Disneyland. It was weird because I thought I’d be more excited than where my spirits were at that time. But I was pretty cranked up nonetheless. It’s Tokyo D for crying out loud!

We got off the train at Nishi-Funabashi and transferred to the other line. I thought mom knew what she was doing until I saw the look on her face that seemed a little lost. And we were. Apparently, we took the wrong train not once but twice! So we had to throw some time away that was intended for Tokyo D to retrace our tracks back to Nishi-Funabashi and ride the right train. After a call that mom made we saw the castle rise over the horizon.

Goofy was being mobbed by schoolgirls, Winnie the Pooh was saying hi to everybody and Daisy Duck was posing for the cameras.

The boys and the girls all had something on their heads like Mickey Mouse ears or a Donald Duck hair clip or a Monsters Inc hat. Everybody was wearing or carrying a Disney item that made it all look more festive and fun.

We went straight to Space Mountain but it was boo-hoo closed so we went to Star Tours instead. Next was the Big Thunder Mountain that made us wait for almost an hour and Jungle Cruise afterwards. Walked around to find a good place to eat and ended up at the Center Street Coffeehouse and had their 25th anniversary meal.

The Electrical Parade started after our dinner. After the parade we started the hunt for that Chip ‘n Dale popcorn container that was hanging around everyone’s necks. We scoured the place for souvenirs and also to look for that Mickey hat I saw on someone else’s head.

After 5 hours and a fireworks display we headed home.

I saw my reflection in the train window and forgot I was wearing a dorky hat.