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Catch-up Sunday with friends

Monday, July 21, 2008 Jujiin 0 Comments Category :

It's been one week since I came back and I'm still high on Tokyo. Missing the late night Kitkat McFlurry with mom, the bilingual announcements at the train stations, the neon forest of Shinjuku, the beautiful chaos of Shibuya, the exceptional Harajuku experience, the cute, screechy and never irritating irrashaimases, waking up to squawking crows, and damn, I could go on and on. Hell, I still stay on the left side of the escalator. 

I had an alien feeling that made me mostly quiet. It was awkward. Like I was the only plug not connected so I had no light. Almost forcibly laughing at inside jokes and kept hearing about unfamiliar names. It was detachment. I wanted to connect but I guess I was still 110V. I gained that gap since I stopped calling clubs my church. This was way before I left for Tokyo and I never imagined it to be this steep and caused vertigo. 

It was a pretty nice Sunday nonetheless. Dinner at Pepper Lunch, drinks at Fuzion and the Batman movie which I had already seen but still worth every penny. 

I miss them terribly :(