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Makes me wanna pray

Tuesday, July 01, 2008 Jujiin 2 Comments Category : ,

I went back to Harajuku today to walk the unwalked streets and be drawn to every corner's whispers. The flirty buildings  emit some sort of an imaginary scent that lure each passerby. And then you don't know where you are. But you do. Because every wrong turn is right and every right turn leads to more wrong turns that are right. Look up. Look down. Look left. Look right. A suffocation of thrill and the unexpected. A labyrinth that I don't want to solve.
Ebisu was quiet and less crowded. I trusted my feet and walked and walked and walked...
On my way home I was on the train when I realized I was praying. Dumbfounded, I unclasped my fists. I'm not sure what happened but it felt like I was in prayer. Gratitude perhaps. It was beautiful.