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The minute I heard they're going to have a reunion concert, my heart tumbled down a 100-step stairs leading to a rush of excitement cradled by childhood memories. I wasn't really updated as to where it's going to be staged and where to purchase tickets and I totally forgot about it because of work. I read several Multiply entries regarding the concert being cancelled because of tobacco sponsorship problems. After a couple of days they announced the show would push through as scheduled. My mind was too busy with work so I didn't bother finding out more information about the confusing concert details. But then an angel texted me and said he included my name on the VIP list for the concert. Thank you, Elmer LapeƱa!

Saturday afternoon, Rcxy texted me he wanted to be at the venue at 6PM and I thought it was too early. Ivan and I were on the phone and decided to leave around 7PM. We had to go to Tina's first so we could ride with her. It was around 7:30 when we started to circle around the area to look for a parking space. Indecision and uncertainty ate up more than half an hour of our time.

A block away from the entrance we saw multiple long, long confusing lines and there was a huge countdown screen with only a minute left. We were hoping for an opening act when the crowd screamed "ten, nine, eight..." Oh my god, my heart was pounding crazy like it wanted to break my skin! We were still figuring out how to get in when I heard Alapaap's intro. Silent and winged putanginas went flying out of my mouth! There was another life that entered my skin and I was almost shaking. I immediately translated the energy to beats that my body started to sing.

Eraserheads Reunion

They were in the middle of their 5th song when we finally got in. And then they sang Fruitcake and didn't expect that it would bring tears to my eyes. I hugged Ivan who was also on the verge of crying. The song reaffirmed that this band was a huge part of the time when we were growing up. I was surprised I still knew the words to most of their songs. It was like waking up from a dream and I wasn't even sleeping. Surreal! I went to see them twice when I was still in gradeschool in San Beda College and once in St. Scholastica. I just can't describe the state I was in. Pure nostalgia. Pure joy.

And then Ely sang With a Smile. My chest suddenly experienced tightness that went straight up to my tear ducts. I had my eyes closed as I sang with all my heart. I looked at the crowd and tried to imagine how they all looked like during the time they released this song. And after so many years we'll be singing this again and realize how much has changed since. It was just a beautiful moment for me. I stared blankly at the grass where I'm standing. Happiness. The kind that doesn't have an opposite. The purest and truest.

I'd rather not talk about what happened next.
I wish Ely all the best. We LOVE you! Thank you for the music!

I'd pay for another concert just to hear them sing one song:
Ang Huling El Bimbo - Eraserheads

Only two concerts made me cry: Mariah Carey and Eraserheads' reunion
I've been singing Huling El Bimbo since I woke up today. My voice sometimes cracks because I want to cry. Sigh.