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ILoveYou Store Opening

Saturday, August 09, 2008 Jujiin 1 Comments Category : ,

go HERE for photos

I've never seen so many interesting people in one place since God-knows-when. The vibrancy of its youth culture could be felt up to the farthest star. On one side, skaters were flying on the ramps and on the other, the kids rest and line up for the c.r. The main attraction of the night was the ILoveYou Store. Free Design's I Found Love was intertwining with the air as I entered the scene. It was like smelling my favorite food in an oven and I was very, very hungry. The kind of taste I've been longing for served with lots of garnish. Makati was suddenly boring to me.
There was a mini show at around 11PM prepared by my favorite local designers, Geof Gonzales and Mike Lavares. Two tricycles cut the crowd carrying four models and made their final poses on a rooftop.
I love Cubao X! Like Cindy's, it's the place to be.
Sharon, thanks for the gift!

I Found Love - Free Design



  1. SWEET! .. we all felt the love, love, however diverse... and that was the goal. Thanks again n again for the photos! You are a huge help ...will link you in under our fave EVERYBODY list ;-)