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Last week

Thursday, August 07, 2008 Jujiin 1 Comments Category : , , , , , , , , ,

Monday - Shahani was a no-show on his birthday at Fiamma because of the blues. Night started slow until that small incident regarding my cyborg shades erupted. It was settled in no more than ten minutes so my cat claws retracted. The night ended with an invitation to visit Eairth and some munching at Mang Inasal.

Tuesday - Had a little chika and some yosi with Melissa D. I brought home one item. Big thank you's are being sent to you now by angels. Went to Rogue's anniversary wearing that top. That event was unexpectedly fun. At first we thought Steve Aoki would only make an appearance but he dj'd and brought the house down. I was sitting in the smoking area with Paulo and Xtina waiting for the night to commence when I saw Mark Hunter.

Me: Mark! Mark! (I swear it must be the vodka using my voice to call him)
Mark: Oh, the fashion people...
*shake hands*
Mark: Why are your hands so sticky?
The vodka betrayed me and answered with a laugh.
Me: (change topic) Where's Steve?

He went inside after a few minutes and I was like, What? I just had a conversation with The Cobra Snake! We went back to the main hall and decided to ignore the oven weather and be part of the party. Steve called us the fashion people when we said hi to him. Are we really? Ngek. Jon H. was very kind to take my 4th photo with Aoki.

Wednesday - Got up early to go to Manila Bulletin to get my cheque for Imagine. Was having a beast-like hangover so I took a nap when I got home before going to the yard sale at Embassy Fly. I bought the top Steve Aoki wore at Rogue's anniversary and a Cobrasnake shirt. Mark remembered us and said the Fashion word again.
After the fashion show at Greenbelt 5 we dropped by Theodore's.
At Embassy, some of my friends had trouble getting in. Shahani and Rcxy left but the rest of us stayed and prayed for a miracle in Cuisine. We found out that Mark was upstairs having an interview and knew it was our only chance. Thank you, Jon H. It was mighty fun! In the middle of the thumping music and can-of-sardines space I saw Judy Ann and Ryan A. beside me talking to Rajo. I couldn't let something like that pass. Rajo introduced us and I said to them, "We want to get married soon too"

Thursday - Dressed up as Steve Aoki at Fluxxe's third birthday.

Friday - Shoot at Embassy Fly for Chalk's most stylish individuals. Naks naman!

Saturday - I covered a fashion show (Eros) at Parliament:

go HERE for photos

It was a relief when the week ended. Invader Zim-ing and Domino's pizza with my boyfriend = heaven on Earth.



  1. and then invader zim suddenly went m.i.a. boo.