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Monday, August 25, 2008 Jujiin 1 Comments Category : , ,


We had a meeting for Imagine's third issue earlier today. It was the longest, coldest and smokiest meeting ever. If it wasn't for the hotel's robe, I'd be chattering my teeth crazy. The room was filled with smoke that it could be smelt from the outside. Some of us had to huddle in the bathroom to smoke when the non-smokers arrived. Oh, and I ate so much!

A few people had already left when the pizza arrived. We turned the TV on for some olympic action to set aside the work talk. Bingo! Diving! Imagine the lewd comments in a room with eight gay guys and two girls. Andrei pointed out Matthew Mitcham from Australia who won gold. Apparently, he's the only openly gay man in the Beijing Olympics. He was quite adorable when he started to cry when he found out he won. The room cheered for him with necessary gay jokes on the side.

I found an interview right after his win. Watch him lean on his mom and his boyfriend.

Oh and Lotho told me Erik Santos was going to sing at the closing ceremony. I waited for nothing and lost my sleepy eyes in the process. I need to catch some zz's because I have a shoot later. And my boyfriend's probably waiting for my goodnighty arms around his sexiness. Goodnight!



  1. he won a gold? kulelat yan sa 3M Springboard ah...ang galing. at ang cute.