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Swirly Vortex

Friday, August 22, 2008 Jujiin 0 Comments Category : , ,

I went treasure hunting in Anonas with my boyfriend yesterday afternoon. It's one of those things I definitely enjoy doing and I've gotten so good at it. It's actually very therapeutic. The feeling that comes with finding a very interesting piece sends me flying out of the rancid store and onto the red carpet. That fleeting excitement when I have an item in my hands that immediately turns into gold makes me want to turn the store upside down and back again. I crave and salivate and hope for more. I always get out of a store carrying bags of simple joys and a fat smile on my face.

I prefer ukay because there's no other place in Manila where I could find very cheap clothes that thrill me like a retard. And I'm sure I won't walk on the street and bump into someone wearing the same outfit as I am. I hate that. The thought that someone else used to own the outfit doesn't bother me at all.

After ransacking six ukay stores I decided to stop because I went over my budget already. And the fact that we only have a couple of hands each forbids us from buying some more because we don't have a car. We stopped at Butter Diner for refueling.

When we were home I wanted to wear the dress I bought to Fluxxe that same evening so I asked Paulo to teach me how to use the washing machine. Yes, I'm 25 and I'm still a washing machine virgin. Was. Anyway, I thought it was fun. At first I was being attacked by kaartehan eagles and clawed at my face but I eventually found the joy in washing. The swirly vortex of bubbles and the hypnotic chugs of the machine were entrancing. I was under its spell. If someone had taken my picture I'd have spiraling circles in my eyes.

Under your spell

Insert Twilight Zone theme song here.