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Sailor Moon

Wednesday, January 07, 2009 Jujiin 0 Comments Category :

Snatched from Pier


Mom said I had phases of obsession when I was little. Undergoing such a phase would mean buying me everything related to the season's craze. I collected Ghostbusters, Dino Riders, Lego, Trolls, Japanese Transformers, Marimar, Miss Universe 94, etc. It's hardcore depressing when I think about it now because I gave them all away when I thought I was already too grown-up for them. Stupid stupid stupid. To touch something that belongs to our childhood is the gateway to revisit the unmatched fondness and the stainless joy that we often long for nowadays.

Sailormoon was an obsession. I had Sailormoon's moonstick that I used to destroy San Beda's softcore bullies. A star necklace that played its theme song was hanging in my locker. Remember Laser Quest in Megamall? I would always use Usagi Tsukino as my name. I even knew her blood type. Before graduation (7th grade) I went to a third floor bathroom and threw all my Sailormoon cards out the window. My way of showing the world that I'd turn my back on being gay when I enter highschool. Yeah right.

I'll try to sing the Tagalog version of the opening song:
Ikaw ang lagi kong hinahanap
Kasama kang lagi sa pangarap
Nais kong lagi kang nakikita
Marahil nga ay mahal kita

Ok, that's as far as I can go.