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The weight

Sunday, January 04, 2009 Jujiin 0 Comments Category :

photos circa 06-07

I'm going to torture myself through starvation using the 3-day diet starting tomorrow. And on the fourth up to the seventh day I'll be doing some cardio and girly weight lifting and then back to the diet the next day and so on until I get what I want. 2008 was a major weight upset for me. Maybe because I have a healthier lifestyle compared to before. Fine, what I had back then wasn't healthy at all resulting in skully, zombie appearance but I don't want to go spiralling back there, just the feed-that-boy look. It actually started when I quit Fitness First and replaced it with fitness DVD's like dancing and aerobics. At first I was totally into it but then I got bored and started eating like a pig and found the laziness to pay attention to my weight. I bought a gym bike and two pairs of dumbbells but they act as house decorations only. When I see my body there's this deep feeling of disgust that I can't afford to look at it for so long. That depressing moment would trigger me to sweat a little. But the long wait for results buries hope with frustration and when frustrated I turn to food. "Bukas na lang, last kain ko na today," was my prayer before each meal. And for the past couple of months, I've been receiving comments like, "ang taba mo ngayon ah," when I'm used to, "hoy, magpataba ka nga." The first one is tantamount to suicide and the latter to "ang ganda ko lang, inggit ka."
I'm writing this after eating one bag of sour cream and onion Lay's, 5 pcs. polvoron and two bowls of frozen buko salad. So let's see how I battle the demons of hunger after this.
Now: 134lbs

Smoking is another entry.