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I decay

Thursday, February 26, 2009 Jujiin 2 Comments Category :

I look over my shoulder to see if you’re there.
You’re not.
My mind puts a barely perceptible image of you where my eyes are fixed. My whole system gives birth to frailty and all of a sudden, as if someone had removed my bones, I fall on the floor like a masterless puppet. I decay. I decay. I decay.

Colors are scrubbed off.

How do I recognize a rainbow in the sky?

Will you turn your strobe lights on just for tonight? I want to dance.
And look at your face even just for six flashes of light at this charcoaled fantasy. Allow me to say goodbye. Allow an ocean to rush down my cheeks again. Allow me to lock a memory. Please play a song. Allow us to stay in that moment and make it feel it won’t ever go away. Loop that song forever on our dancefloor. Allow me to say goodbye. Allow your forbearance to surface if I don’t want to.
If I can’t.
If I don’t know how.
If I won’t.

I'm collecting my tears so I could sail away from here and get to wherever you are.



  1. Hay, Ivan...miss na miss ka na ni Jujiin. Naloloka na ang world because of your absence.

    Biggest regret ko, however shallow, ay di ko man lang na-sight ang new nose ni Ivanka. May pictures ka? Ganda daw eh.

    Take it easy, Jujiin. I saw you in Garage. Ganda mo lang, ne. :) Besos!

  2. that was a soap bubble to my eye. i bet ivan's really proud of you and thankful as well.