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It's a Damn Cold Night

Monday, March 30, 2009 Jujiin 1 Comments Category :

Dear Wifey,

We were landing earlier than planned. I looked out the window with amazement. After just watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua and half of Adam’s Family Values (didn’t finish because I fell asleep after they served meal that I didn’t enjoy), I was in a Tokyo already. Then I started to think how that plane had taken me out of the Philippine map and in alien territory. I started to think of the different kinds of wonderment of technology. It was that sort of fast paced thinking that would last in three minutes. I turned on the front view camera of the plane and felt the bumps as I watched it crash into clouds. And then the Tokyo lights appeared from below and looked like God had turned the night sky upside down. Wow.
I flew with my aunt and she was also my ride home. I greeted mom, removed my shoes, and asked her if I could use her phone to call you. We talked. After that I wanted to go for a walk with mom to experience the 7°C temperature. Before we did, mom gave me this paper bag that read Louis Vuitton (see entry below). I totally forgot about it! Immediately put them on and let little hearts come out from every pore of my skin. We walked to mom’s favorite Italian spot here in the area. I didn’t want to eat but what the hell, right? We ordered mostly veggies except for the baked oysters and dessert. The outside weather was freezing my balls it was insane.




  1. dear bebs,

    it's so hot here, we're all melting.
    haha. i'm glad you got your lv boots.
    disco still doesn't know where to poop.
    i had to attend to paris to give her medication, disco sneaked his way inside paris' cage while my back was turned, and before i knew it, he was humping her in the face.
    yes, disco still doesn't know where to put it.

    we miss you.