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Start of Spring

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 Jujiin 1 Comments Category : , , ,

I open my eyes. It ain’t my room. It’s mom’s. And I’m in Japan. I freak quietly for two seconds. I look at the clock on the wall and it says almost one in the afternoon. I have two thick blankets over my body. It’s cold and I hear a few crows squawking outside. I hear mom and her Macbook. I stay still. I’m in Japan again. Wow.

I feel a growl inside my stomach. The thought of lunch excites me. I move out of bed and wash my face. Tita Joan calls mom. Mom says we go to Kinshicho because Tita told her Sakura’s starting. I wear a beanie, two shirts and a jacket. I open the door and the sunlight attacks my eyes. It’s still cold like there’s an air condition unit inside my outfit. I’m not kidding. Mom used that metaphor, by the way.


We reach Kinshicho. I smell mom’s favorite cream puffs. Mom says people don’t line up for them anymore like when I was here last year since this certain New York doughnut opened. We see un-blossomy trees. I shiver as a thick whoosh of air crashes into me. Oh runny nose, runny nose. We see the park. There are a few blossoming trees. Kids are everywhere. With their dogs, with their toys, at the playground, on their parents. Older crowd enjoys lounging under the flowery trees and getting their asses drunk.




We go around Olinas. Mom buys a jacket and a baseball hat. I tell her I won’t start until we’re in central Tokyo. I see “Marley and Me” as Now Showing. I've seen this movie three times. Mom hasn't. The next show time is 8:40PM. We kill time. I wrote about Jojoen last year. The delicious experience hasn’t escaped my tongue. We eat.




We go to 1010. I need a belt because my pants are falling. I see a cool belt. It’s Vivienne Westwood. It’s Y16,000. I tell mom if I can just borrow from her. I start to hate that belt. Now I need to buy something… anything. I look for earrings. Nothing. We go to Yodobashi. I look at the iPod classic. I want that. My iPod back home is dead. But I don’t need that. I need to focus. Think clothes, shoes, whatever. We’re just killing time here. Don’t get carried away. It’s dark and colder outside. Every time the icy wind touches my face I feel numbness all over. I think of how cold it is here and how hot it is back home. We go back to the park. We see more drunkards under the trees.



We go back to Olinas. Mom shops. I buy earrings. I buy candies. I see many Filipinos. They talk loudly in Tagalog. We buy movie tickets. We wait. The announcer says we can enter. We enter. It looks like G4 cinema but the front is closer to the screen. We watch a very yawn-worthy infomercial. It’s pretty long. But mom seems to like it. There’s a short movie promoting Luxx shampoo starring Catherine Zeta-Jones. What the fuck? A guy sits one seat away from me. He has a glass of beer in his hand. What the fuck? The movie starts. I miss my dog and my Wifey. Mom and I cry like babies.


It’s colder earlier. I see smoke coming out of my mouth. We ride the train home.


We buy Peso-Text cards at this Filipino Grocery called Tapsilog.


We go home. I color my hair. I don’t like it.



  1. antaray ng boots ni mama-in-law, oh.
    bebs ang cute ng hair mo!