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More Harajuku walks

Thursday, April 16, 2009 Jujiin 5 Comments Category :


It’s 7 in the morning. Can’t sleep. With her face stuck on her laptop mom hands me a sleeping pill. I watch Hancock. I finish Hancock. I still don’t get the Illuminati connection. Can’t sleep. Mom cooks pasta. We watch The Mist while I eat. The crap skips after every 10 minutes. We still finish it though. It’s crap x 2. I’m still not sleepy. I dress up. I wear my new cardigan. Mom hands me her cash card. I go to the bank. I ask the guard which machine is English-ready in Japanese. I feel so proud. I get the cash and return back home. I give back mom’s cash card. I go to the train station.

Rain boogied all over Tokyo yesterday. Today the sun is mighty and sits comfortably in the sky. The wind has muscles. It attacks me dramatically though because of my cardigan’s rope thingies. I hear the wind slide through the leaves of the now very green trees. I hear it whip and skew as it gallops on buildings and houses. I’m usually afraid of winds that remind me of the opening scene of Unfaithful because there’s a fear of being toppled down by it, but for some reason, I like it here. But so much for fixing my hair! It’s its third color now since I got here, by the way.

I feel zzz’s finally settling in when I get on the train. I spin the iPod dial and click on Spaceman by The Killers. It’s still a favorite up to now. It dusts off the z’s like dandruff and every cell of my body just wants to go, “oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohwhoaa…”
The song ends. I play Phoenix and Tahiti 80 songs. I intertwine the music with the events my eyes are witnessing. Like people coming in and out of the train, the scenes outside the train, people talking, cute kid in cute uniform looking out the window, etc.

I get off at Harajuku station. I play Air songs. I’m still doing the music video thing in my head. The music plays and the events come. And they fit perfectly. The rushing of feet at the turn of the green light, the light bumps of pedestrians coming my way and the muted sumimasens that come with it, the constant pushing of the cold wind contrasted by the stingy light of the sun. I find a place to sit at the smoking area at the corner of Omotesando and Meiji-dori. A tree bearing bright pink blossoms protects me from the sun.

I go around Meiji-dori and Cat Street. My camera is in my bag but I’m too lazy to take photos. And besides, I can’t really enjoy a walk when I’m constantly looking for something to capture. Today I just want to take it all in and enjoy the moment without that bulky, heavy thing hanging around my neck. I go around and around the small streets of Harajuku. Funny that I still think like, ‘wow, that’d be a great photo’ but I’m still too lazy to get my camera. Every corner I see a guy or a girl that inspires me. I kind of want to go ask where they buy their clothes.

I go to Laforet to buy the stuff I didn’t buy last time. I love the building’s concept of half floors. There are more interesting people here. I always make a pit stop (to smoke) in front of the building when I go around Harajuku. Para there’s a feeling of hanging out with the cool people there, ngek! I’m at this punk store browsing stuff when the sales girl insisted me to tu-rai (try) the top that I’ve been staring at for quite some time. She tells me to remove my shoes before going into the fitting corner. They don’t do this at all shops so I forget. I fit and I tell her I’ll buy it. She starts to say things I don’t understand so I tell her I’m a gaijin (foreigner). She still keeps talking. I tell her I don’t really speak Japanese. She keeps talking. Sometimes when her tongue flips a word or two outside her mouth that lights a bulb above my head, I nod.
“Du yu raiku Sexu Pisutols?” (do you like sex pistols)
I give her the so-so-but-not-quite hand gesture. But in reality I don’t at all. Sid is hot though.
She gets it and says, “Ah, so-so,” and gives the same hand gesture.
“Anata wa Amerika-jin desu ka?” (are you an american)
I laugh. “Iie. Firipin-jin desu.” (no, i’m filipino)
She looks surprised. Me? American? That’s surprising!

I’m about to cross Takeshita-dori on my way to the train station when a guy approaches me. He’s the guy I always see standing at that corner giving away flyers. He always wears really cool clothes. He hands me a flyer and Japanese words fly out of his mouth. It’s a map filled with Japanese characters. I tell him I’m a gaijin. He looks surprised. I tell him I don’t speak the language. He tries to speak in English. He looks at me from shoes to hair and says, “Beri naisu.” (very nice)
I say, “Domo” (thank you)
He points at the flyer and says, “Seksu shoppu” (sex shop)
I give him a smile with blank eyes and say, “Domo”
Light turns green. I cross. I look at the flyer and there’s actually English and it says, “Select Shop.” Ngek!

Sleep finds me again on the train and sits on my eyelids making it extremely heavy.





  1. hmp para namang dissapointed na dissapointed kang di sex shop yung binigay nya sayo.

  2. nagulat lang kasi mali pala yung rinig ko. "serekto shoppu" pala

  3. jujiin ..i love your blog ;p
    so u live in tokyo now??? i always wanted to go there u know..hopefully next year hehe

    have fun ;p

    kiki from jakarta indonesia

  4. ill go home (philippines) end of May :)

    thanks kiki :)

  5. Loving the Stephen Sprouse x LV sneakers!