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Hope for snow

Thursday, April 02, 2009 Jujiin 1 Comments Category :


Mom and I go to Popo to have the house key duplicated for me. She has other things to do so she buys me lunch. I want bento. I love bento. She teaches me a phrase I can use when buying by myself: Kore Kudasai. “This one, please.”


I buy a couple of magazines: Men’s Non-no and Men’s non-no Plus


I go home and eat. Both small bottles of Coke Zero in the fridge are iced. That’s how cold it is here. I check the movie folder in my hard drive. I pick The Cure. Brad Renfro was the hots. The first time I saw the movie I tried to microwave a bar of Butterfinger. That and I jacked off to Renfro. Whenever I see Renfro, for some reason I see Devon Sawa, Vincent Kartheiser, etc. Ah, the Bop, Tiger Beat boys of the 90’s.


It’s 6:30 and mom said she’d be back by 7. I dress up.


She gets her Chanel. We go to the station to meet Tita Joan at Regina’s for dinner. It’s raining. It’s extra cold. We’re late.


I see these heavenly cream puffs. I stop mom from running to the pedestrian lane. I want a box.


We eat. We share our food so we get small portions of each. We raise our glasses. They welcome me to Japan: Kampai!
We feel the rain getting stronger outside. Tita Joan and her Japanese friend say it might snow tomorrow. They heard it on the news. Mom is skeptical. I’m giddy. Claps of thunder shake the glass walls of the restaurant. Mom and Tita say the Japanese aren’t use to that. I agree because I saw reactions. I’m still thinking about the snow. I wish Wifey were here.
Mom knows the owner of the restaurant and calls him on the phone. They’ve been whining about the service all night in Japanese and Tagalog. Sometimes mom gives me her Japanese tongue and she forgets. I’m so lost in translation.


We go into this Karaoke club. They know people here. The staff is Filipino. I’m uneasy. I try to relax. They seem to have fun so I try not to ruin it. I watch a group of Japanese men take fun to new heights. These things make me realize I'm a foreigner. We get a special fruity treat from the owner who also owns the resto where we had dinner. They force me to sing a song. I sit still and throw a smile or two. I’m such a bore. Why can’t I just have fun, no? Mom and I leave at 11:30. I say bye to new faces. They give us umbrellas on our way out.


It’s cold multiplied by two. The steady blow of the wind brings wintery numbness. I can’t feel my face. I can’t feel my hands. I love this new-found sensation. I'm thinking of the snow tomorrow. What joy could it bring?
I play with the smoke coming out of my mouth while walking home.
Ah, I can’t wait for a hot, hot shower.