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Saturday, April 04, 2009 Jujiin 0 Comments Category :

Mom and I wake up at almost 4 in the afternoon. She tells me to dress up because we’re going to the grocery. The temperature isn’t too cruel anymore but the wind still carries chills that slightly numb my exposed skin. We walk about three or so blocks to Pepper Lunch. We order by putting money into a machine. I press the button under the combo steak meal photo. I get the order ticket. We find a table. A waiter gets our tickets and gives us water and complimentary drink stubs we can use next visit. We finish lunch. We walk several blocks to Hirotaka’s to borrow his dumbbells. I see so many old people walking their dogs. I still need to get used to walking on the street with people on bicycles. They always startle me. I also need to keep in mind to use the left side. We reach the house and nobody’s home but mom has a key. I stay by the door because I don’t want to remove my shoes anymore. Mom puts the two 3-kg dumbbells in a plastic bag and hands it to me. We ride the bus. The bus stops at the Koiwa station. Mom goes closer to the exit door. The door doesn’t open. The old person behind us tells mom to step out of the yellow line. His voice muffled because of the mask he’s wearing. A lot of people here wear masks because of pollen allergy. That or many other things I don’t know about. We go into Ito Yokado. Mom’s planning to cook curry for dinner. I look for cayenne pepper. None. It’s for that Maple Syrup diet I mentioned below. I put sweets in our cart in revenge. I tell mom the herbal laxative has been giving me the pain in the stomach since we got out of Pepper Lunch. I go home to satisfy its function. I see two children running after a fat, fat cat. A big, big flying crow appears peripherally.