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Friday, April 17, 2009 Jujiin 1 Comments Category :

The unsmiling sky is giving birth to the softest of rain that sprinkles over me like an Evian spray bottle. I let every gentle drop break on my skin while umbrellas with feet march the streets of Ginza. As night embraces the sky, buildings start to stage a grand electrical parade. Like fireworks, I gaze at its entrancing display. I walk like I’m being pulled by a thousand magnets. They all beg to be looked at. Waves of rainbow and streams of light make this an artificial celestial phenomenon.

I stop. I smoke. The wind batters me with its 11°C breath. It somehow numbs my thoughts. In its absence, I’m stuck in the moment. I’m present.




  1. You write pretty well!! I've always seen your pics on Chuvaness and LJ when I had an account before.. Glad I stumbled upon your blog!!=)