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Masakit sa paa

Wednesday, April 08, 2009 Jujiin 2 Comments Category : ,


Went around Tokyo again today.
Ueno - Harajuku - Aoyama - Shibuya - Shinjuku
Walking time + train = 7hours

The video is very Blair Witch Project so bear with me.
Audio collapses at 6:58 -shrug-

I know maaga pa but...

Happy 10th day, Wifey!
Happy Birthday, Ivan!
Wish you were here



  1. the first step often leads to another one, and another one after that. the thing with beginning a journey is that you take one path, and it doesn't stop leading you to more paths

    remember this too. "... and if it hurts? it's probably worth it" (talking about the tired feet)

    hope you're having fun jujiin.

  2. haha you made me cry.

    3:25 <3

    hey i feel as if we went around tokyo together! and that i need lasik eye surgery! haha.

    did you find us a zagu around there? or that quickly branch somewhere in tokyo!!!

    wish i was there, too.

    guess what? for about 3minutes we had a new cat. i named him neko(hehe). he was smokey grey and white.
    but disco was too excited he frightened the cat away. haha

    he says "i miss you daddy"

    i love you bebs, happy 2 1/2!!!!!!!