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Hot Monday

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 Jujiin 2 Comments Category :

I let out a heavy shout of aggravation. And then everything is sucked into blackness in one single breath. I open my eyes. I realize the dream. It’s one of those bad ones that linger for a while. At least till after one round of smoke. I check on my boyfriend who’s playing Tomb Raider on PSP on the sofa. Good morning.

We dress up at around 12:30. We ride the cab to Manila Bulletin in Intramuros.

We go straight to Miss Alice’s office to pick up my check but she’s not around and probably still on lunch break. We decide to drop by Miss Joyce’s office while we wait for her. Imagine 4 is coming. My shoot almost didn’t make it because apparently it wasn’t on the magazine’s intended path. But I still stick to my concept and I’m grateful for the inclusion despite the conflicts. Now, we’re on the hunt for the location for the launch that will happen when she comes back from London. Shushal! And there will be an exhibit at Greenbelt too. I believe Lotho will be showing. That’s going to be exciting!

Miss Alice gives me three checks: one for Stella, one for Imagine 3 and one for the newspaper. I honestly cannot recall the last one I did for the newspaper but what the hell, right? We go down and have the checks turn into cash. The guy tells me that I can only encash one check and so I have to go to Philtrust Bank in UN Avenue for the rest. Ok. Hassle. We see Joel Ontong and Edz Cabral on our way out.

The sun is so intense that if we stay outside long enough we’d turn into crispy lechons! Curse you! Empty cabs don’t frequent the area but there are a handful lucky days. We hail a cab after almost melting like butter in an oven toaster.

We don’t know where the bank is exactly so we stop near Manila Doctors Hospital and look by foot. I already feel dirty after crossing Taft Avenue. I need to put up with the unbearable heat, extreme pollution and the paranoia that comes with walking on the streets of Manila. I had bad experiences of losing cellphones and wallets in the area. Don’t get me wrong. I love Manila. I just wish it was safer.

Futile effort! The teller says the checks need to be crossed. They’re stamped with “payees a/c only.” So I didn’t check the checks, boo me! And they misspelled my name. They always do. Most people do. I hate it! I love my name but it always gives me inconveniences like this. It holds a special hate in my bones when people misspell my name on magazines and newspapers. Again, it’s J-U-J-I-I-N.

I’m already dead so we decide to go home and come back when the weather’s kinder.

We rest for like two seconds then we’re off to Cubao. I enjoy looking at the billboards along EDSA. They make me forget the headache caused by the worst traffic the world will ever experience. Since I’ve been gone for two months, most of the ads are new. Okray is fun. It’s a gay thing. And I’m amazed how the skyline has changed. I like buildings too. Wifey says the unfinished St. Francis buildings look like robots.

We stop by Wifey’s home to have a quick snack. I say hi to Dutch who is Disco’s bestfriend. I play with him long enough for his scent to stick so when I get home, Disco will panic, haha!

We see Kuya Champ, Wifey’s tattoo artist, outside.
Wifey: (in his pa-min kanto accent) Kuya Champ, may papatira ako sa’yo.
Champ: (smiling) ha?
He knows we’re boyfriends and Wifey used an interesting terminology, heh!
I’m thinking of getting a tattoo. I’ve been wanting one since forever. It’s happening soon I just know it!

We go to Farmer’s to buy flowers. Wifey was asked by Melvin to make a wreath that’s going to be worn as a hat for a show. Wifey knows the owner of the flower shop so he gets a discount. After much thought, we end up buying white roses. I want to go around Cubao, like Gateway or visit ukay shops, but the heat is stopping me. So we go home.

We cook mung bean soup and good ‘ol fried chicken for dinner. I shower twice in the middle of cooking but the heat is still too powerful to eliminate.

TV Patrol is reporting the first A(H1N1) death in the Philippines. The freaking virus is being spread to cause panic. Who knows what the people in power are planning. Wifey’s mom, who is a doctor, said the swine flu is baloney. You know how Microsoft makes viruses for you to buy their anti-virus products? Maybe they need money to fund a new or existing war. Or they just want panic. Panic means unity. They need that to make us say Yes to something they want. Did I mention that I like watching and reading about conspiracy theories? Now you know. I’ll stop blabbing now.

Disco is playing with an inflated condom. Funny.



  1. love reading this one! hope you applied sunblock , hahaha

  2. Jujiin! Sayang I didn't see you in MB that day. :(