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Preview Best Dressed Ball

Sunday, June 28, 2009 Jujiin 1 Comments Category :

It’s one of those events that haunt me with the dreaded question of “what to wear?” even if it’s like two months away. It’s the day of the Preview Best Dressed Ball, one of the few events where fashown people put extra effort into dressing up and probably putting additional minutes to shower time and an hour to makeup and hair. What to fucking wear?

I try on a Geof Gonzales dress. I realize the weight I gained in Tokyo. Issues are settling in. I pull the dress down to my waist. It looks good as a skirt. But what do I pair it with? I ransack my overloaded closets. I hear the fully sequined pants I bought in Tokyo say hi. I begin to itch to do a Michael Jackson. I can also make a tribute hat last minute but then again I don’t want to share the spotlight with Wifey who’s going to wear a Michael Jackson poster as a dress. I have to give it to him. He’s the real fan anyway. I run to the other room where the bespoke Norman Noriega dress hangs. This is it! Perfection!

This year’s theme is Barbie but I’m in no mood to wear pink or anything cute or girly. I’m blonde so I can be Ken but that’d be just absurd, right? So deadma na sa theme. I’m so certain that people would still call it a something Barbie like Lady Gaga or just plain gaga. I hear some people are going as Michael Jackson or Farrah Fawcett.

We start to get ready at 8PM. We finish an hour after. We meet Xtina (in Tina Daniac and YSL heels), Peabo (as Barbie Streisand), Lotho (as Carrie Bradshaw) and Nante (in Gian Romano) then off to the Ball. It’s a shame that Duay, who’s supposedly going as Barbie-Q (in a pig suit), is out of town.


A few friends greet us near the entrance. Where’s Shahani? Fuck you very much for not being here! I see Anne Curtis being interviewed inside and she’s beautiful! We finish our chismis and yosi before entering. A Brazilian male model who’s working as an usher asks us if we want our photos to be taken at the wall. We say no. We feel hesitant to walk on the red elevated stage but there’s no other way. Flash! Click! Flash!

My eyes being behind the Incognitos can see poorly. Pero kailangang panindigan! It’s so refreshing to be around the beautiful people of Manila once again. Even if I’ve been home for more than two weeks now, I still receive welcome back hugs. Divine Lee, who’s on the Best Dressed list, is wearing a freaking Balmain jacket, Rajo Laurel dress and Lanvin heels. Divinely! She deserves to be on the cover but Maricel Soriano is, well, Maricel Soriano. I wonder what took Preview this long to have her on the list. She should be there yearly, in my honest opinion. The other one who’s shining with beauty in a Cary Santiago creation is Preview’s associate fashion editor, Daryl Chang. I can’t get over it.

My outfit glows when being photographed with flash so people get crazy over it. I love how it swallows the whole shot. The dress is stellar but it gives me a hard time to squeeze into thick crowds because I have to get the pointy shoulders away from people’s faces. It’s an effort! Wifey has the same problem but his is deadly.

They start to play Michael Jackson songs after the program. <3

We leave the party at around 1AM. I go home and change. We go to Cubao X for more Michael Jackson songs we can dance to.

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  1. My eyes being behind the Incognitos can see poorly. Pero kailangang panindigan! --- hahaha, you're so funny!!