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20 random things about my boyfriend

Friday, July 17, 2009 Jujiin 2 Comments Category :


  1. I woke up because I felt him hurriedly rising up from bed and then putting a towel on the side where he slept. So I asked, “Did you wet our bed?” He replied with a shy smile. It happened early today.
  2. Me: What do we call New Year’s version of Noche Buena again?
    Him: Noche Putok?
    He’s so cute, yes?
  3. He likes to sprinkle salt onto anything edible. Oh so excessively.
  4. His left eye makes a cartoony sound when being scratched.
  5. We share the same problem: weight. Obsessing on being skinny like it’s almost a disorder. Or is it already? It’s actually one of those first things that drew us closer together. It was like saying, “at long last, someone who understands!” He also introduced me to laxatives and those Chinese diet pills.
  6. To add fuel to the flame, we just can’t stop eating when we’re together, which is like everyday. We starve for a day then binge for the rest of the week. My sweet tooth went up several levels because he would often crave for something sweet after eating. I’d often catch him swallowing spoonfuls of condensed milk. When at McDonald’s, he always orders the Big Mac.
  7. He loves to sing. And he’s pretty great at it. I fell in love with him when he dedicated a song to me during a school program that he participated in back in his college days. The song was Kahit Kailan. The whole school cheered as I blushed like an overly giddy high school girl. I don’t have to mention that he’s the biggest fan of Michael Jackson. He also loves Regine Velasquez and Kylie Minogue. Very gay, yes?
  8. He would often tell stories about his alien obsession when he was a kid. He’s claiming that he had seen U.F.O.
  9. His current music: Korea’s DBSK: Nicely styled skinny boys who can dance pretty well.
  10. He’s some sort of a hippie. He always stops me from killing small insects. So sometimes we keep them and give them names. Right now there’s a growing garlic plant on the balcony named Chloe.
  11. On my 25th birthday, he gave me a dog. He bought it from a guy he found on Buy and Sell and was convinced that Disco was a beagle.
  12. He likes cars. I don’t get it.
  13. We like to spend time at toy stores. One of the first things that I knew about him was that we share the liking for grocery carts.
  14. He taught me how to put on makeup.
  15. It’s funny when he doesn’t want to admit he’s sleepy when I catch him fighting the zzz’s. He doesn’t want to sleep when I’m not sleepy.
  16. He twitches in his sleep. I think it’s really cute. On a lucky night, he would wake me and say weird things like there’s a goat or something.
  17. He has arms that when blanketed around my body can upgrade sleeping on a bed to a cloud in a peaceful night sky.
  18. We’re both anti-religion.
  19. I opened his eyes to law of attraction, power of now, and other new age shit. He made paranoia sorta fun for me when it comes to conspiracy theories. The illuminati, aliens building the pyramids, Nibiru and 2012. We go nuts for those especially when we notice symbolisms and subliminal messages in movies.
  20. He was my life’s detour. I am a happy person because of him.



  1. the phrase "one can search the whole world over and not find someone like him" seems to hold true for both of you.. you do look good together :-)

    ps. DBSK's "Balloon" is nice, but "Hugs" is for both of you!

  2. haha i love 4, 7 and 19. cute! :p