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So, what is Chos?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009 Jujiin 3 Comments Category :

Chos is Filipino gayspeak for “just kidding.”
Or, "noooo, are you kidding?"
But it’s more than that.
Chos pops out even when I’m not joking at all.
I say at least one chos per sentence.
It euphemizes harsh statements and comments and makes them acceptable and forgivable.
It eradicates the unavoidable negatives and gives it a heart.
It makes words in its territory fly like one pretty acid trip.
Chos fluffs up a sentence to make it appear softer and lighter.
Chos makes you say anything and not be accountable for it. What freedom!
Chos makes punctuation marks weak.
Chos doesn’t have rules. Chos can chos chos, chos.
Chos makes my lips tingle. (tinggil in my native language is clitoris)
The meaning of chos varies on the way it's being twirled in the mouth.
A long and deep chos = you're really not buying it
A long and deep chos while half smiling = humble in receiving compliments
Choz instead of chos = someone who's probably bottom. Chos.
Echos is like a formal chos.
A quick chos that sounds like chus = used by a chos addict
Echosera is someone who makes a chos.
Echoserang palaka is the mother of all chos.
Chos is a movement. Chos.
Chos is recommended for everyone.
For a better life, spread the chos! Chos? Chos!



  1. ha! new word in my vocabulary :-) love your new pics, blonde hair looks good on you...