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Gaga on Gaga

Saturday, August 15, 2009 Jujiin 1 Comments Category : ,


Read Alexander Mccaskill's article on Gaga in Manila Bulletin today


I got a very panic-stricken call from Lotho that we'd be doing Lady Gaga's presscon for Manila Bulletin the day before said event. It was a call wrapped in glittered blonde wig, ribboned at the center, sent by the loving universe. I lost my cool instantly. I died, resurrected back then died again! I wanted to smoke three sticks all at the same time! Panic turned into some sort of a monster when the question WHATTOWEAR was realized. I didn't want to waste all nine lives for one day so I tried to breathe calmly.

The day of the presscon came. Lotho, Wifey and I went to EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, braved the intense early afternoon heat clad in what-the-fuck-are-they-wearing. We were instant tourist attractions! TV Patrol's Ginger Conejero approached me asking for an interview. I told her I wasn't made for TV and that I was a shytard but the camera was rolling and she was already asking questions and I was answering crappily. It was a major relief that they didn't show that interview on TV.

(photo from statusmagonline)

This radio guy who hosts a show on MTV called us freaks. Lotho said, "It's Lady Gaga day! You're the freaks!", pointing at everyone in the room. Haha!

Lady Gaga made us wait for three hours. The excitement dwindled. My energy got bored. So when she finally showed up, I wasn't all oh-my-god. I was actually more starstrucked when I saw Ai-ai de las Alas. Or maybe because it was just too good to be true. To be breathing the same air as Lady-freaking-Gaga was just overly surreal for me to process. And maybe because her outfit was a big disappointment.

There were rules: No photographs when she enters the room. No photographs (or at least, no flash) during Q&A. No personal questions.


Her non-dumb answers and wit amuse me. She answered the mostly boring questions bluntly. I didn't bother asking because if, like, I were in front of someone like Madonna or Bjork, I would forget how to speak. If I had that short moment with a celebrity of that caliber I'd be happy just to stare. Thinking about it now makes me want to bang my head against the wall! I could've said, "Hi, I love you! Can I hug you then have our photo taken?" Argh! Or like what Lotho said, "Do you wanna smoke outside?"


She was awarded with a Gold Record Award and was given Maldita x Mike Lavarez shoes.

The presscon ended in less than 15 minutes. Everybody prepared for their intimate interviews. But there was another rule: Only one person per publication, hence, no photos allowed. What a bummer! At least she looked at me and said I was cute! That's probably enough.

While we're on Lady Gaga high, grab a copy of Status Magazine:
I contributed some Flluxxe photos