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Monday, August 10, 2009 Jujiin 0 Comments Category :

I’m up at around three in the morning. I missed the ILY x Future birthday at Cubao X because of my irregular body clock.

I pop two Xenadrine caps.

I walk the dog in sauna pants and a tummy trimmer. Disco tracks at least three stray cats and marks his territory on, well, everything. My right arm hurts from all the tugging. My legs are sticky and wet.

Wifey is cooking fried chicken for himself as I pull the Twist and Step machine out from under the table.

Bigbang – Go (warm up)
Bigbang – Number 1
2ne1 and Bigbang – Lollipop
2ne1 – Fire
*repeat Lollipop and Fire
2ne1 – I Don’t Care (cool down)

I check on Wifey who’s sleeping in the room as I push the gym bike out of the cramped space.
Janet Jackson – Together Again (warm up)
Deepest Blue – Deepest Blue
Beyonce – Sweet Dreams
The Killers – Spaceman
Pitbull – Calle Ocho
The Strokes – Last Nite (cool down)

I suddenly feel lazy just by looking at the dumbbells on the floor so I pass. I shower.

Tunganga is when your body is in a state of no motion and your mind travels into several avenues of thoughts or none at all. Tunganga is when you learn to overwhelm yourself with the things that are present within the reach of your senses. Tunganga is when you realize the appreciation of no time. Tunganga is actually where not when. Tunganga is the place where the power of now lies. Tunganga is freedom from everything that is false. Tunganga is peace.

Disco breaks Wifey’s sleep with his torturous flatulent bomb.

We go out for a walk with Japan in my mind.

A barker who’s just a little girl shouts, “Washington, Buendia, Washington!” We ride the jeep. It’s half full. All the passengers seem to be sporting a “bagong ligo” look, including Wifey. It actually feels like an early school day ride minus kids in uniforms and salesladies with lipstick stains on teeth. The little barker’s call is starting to glue itself onto my head. Anything repetitive is easily absorbed in my brain like an LSS. We zoom off.

I realize we’re on the wrong ride so we say, “para!” We walk back to Pasong Tamo while singing “Washington, Buendia, Washington!”

I’m making sure that we ride the right jeep this time. It’s almost empty. There’s a big portrait of a mestiza placed up front. The rusty old can vehicle is making a rattly noise as it speeds up and its radio sends a song with scratchy audio quality that sounds like a kundiman (traditional Filipino love song) to our ears. The driver is a very skully old man and beside him is an old woman with short hair and a pink headband. They are singing to each other as the woman lights the man’s cigarette. Everything suddenly morphs into a movie scene. And then an epiphany descends on me. If you look at life as your own movie, then everything is always going to feel right, even at times when things feel so wrong. You’re always at the right time and the right place. You’ve paved the way to get to where you are right now so you get what you give. When you start to learn how to be in control, life is going to be awesome. Happiness fulfilled. You create your own reality. Whether you choose it to hit rock bottom, accept it and know that it is necessary because it gives you an inspiration to attain greater heights. Dark times help us to spring back up and reach new heavens we haven’t experienced. Everything will lead us to that happy ending.

OK, did that make sense? LOL

We go into this Japanese grocery called New Hatchin near Kamagong. I miss Tokyo. We see bento in the chiller but I’m in the no rice zone at the moment so we pass. Maybe I’ll consider next Sunday for cheating but not today. The pastries know my name and they call! I buy nothing. Points for self-control.

We say hi to dogs on the street and cool cars at several car shops. I want that ambulance! I die!

We walk to Shopwise. So many food choices confuse me so I buy nothing. We ride the jeep to Little Tokyo. We go into another Japanese grocery and I buy nothing. Ok, so I’m in deep Japanese food mood now so we check the last one. I buy instant miso soup and cheesecake. We order ramen and gyoza at the small restaurant on the other side of the store.

I miss mom.