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Best Friday

Saturday, September 05, 2009 Jujiin 2 Comments Category :

I asked Shahani and Geof to help me look for "stylish" boys (meaning young, duh) in U.P. - work I'm doing for a magazine. We all met up at Jollibee in Philcoa with Wifey and Darryl. I seldom visit this side of QC because it's a land far, far away that it gives an out-of-town feel. Commuting from Makati to Philcoa was a breeze at 2PM. MRT wasn't a can of sardines. Only problem was that I had to use my mouth to breathe for a long time to avoid the awful smell coming from the old man beside me. FX ride from Quezon Avenue to Philcoa is now P35? Wow!





We walked for about three hours and snapped 14 boys. I'm not sure if all passable. I remember spending four hours in Greenbelt for the same reason with zero photos. The ones I'm looking for come out at night but I need daytime photos. Manila isn't a stylish city. At least not in my eyes. And of course, it need not be editorial. It also helps to be good looking, yes? I mean, it's easy to spot a handsome fellow wearing white t-shirt, ripped jeans and dirty sneakers and call him stylish. But I wouldn't say the same thing when the face (and perhaps the attitude) doesn't match. When I was younger, I always wanted to stand out. Gots no brains, gots no face so the only way to do it was to dress up.




Isaw break! We were eating isaw while that "mga tambay lang kami, sawa sa babae. mga babaeng manloloko pineperahan lang kami. kaya ngayon bakla na lang ang aming iibigin. kay sarap mag mahal ng bakla, oh kay sarap damhin" song was being whistled by one of the isaw boys. It started to rain. We decided to all take a cab to Wifey's house in Cubao. The rain didn't stop and got stronger and the cab hunt wasn't getting any luck. We were stuck at a waiting shed near the isaw spot for a good half an hour until we finally decided to ride the jeep to somewhere more accessible.


We ended up here, not sure where exactly but still in the vicinity of the university. Wifey and Darryl started to add a soundtrack to our almost miserable situation, singing Regine's version of Ulan. After less than half an hour, the group rode the jeep going to Philcoa to find hope. The traffic was horrible! Jeep + rain + putangina traffic + friends = highschool! Best part was we rode the wrong route! We only paid the Philcoa rate but we got off in front of Trinoma. We didn't know where to get a freaking cab and we're being challenged by Friday chaos! Hello, it was like 7PM! The worst time to be in the area plus continuous rain! I saw some cool punk kids perfect for snaps but it was raining so I passed. And then out of nowhere, like the heaven finally opening its gates with trumpeting angels... a cab!
We were in the middle of praising Aegis' version of Lesten when the car's battery died. Moment of silence and shit-no-way-for-real! The sound of the engine vrooming back again was a fucking relief. But it happened again, and again, and again, and again! Pinaubaya na lang namin kay Ma'am ang lahat! Sorry, inside joke! We made it to Wifey's house safe and hungry.
Wifey's mom served patatim and chicken afritada. What yum! I gave in to the call of rice! It's sayang without it! Tayong Dalawa on TV was the perfect dessert.

Who knew that playing Jenga would turn out to be a fun bonding session. When one gets a question block, the question will also be answered by everyone. We were able to reveal and share ill fashion stories, funny childhood moments buying gay magazines, naughtiest experiences inside a car and all sorts of fun things.

I'm not quite sure how we ended up turning the lights off and started sharing ghost stories which was perfect because the house is old and gave instant chills to the bone. From there we jumped to talking about Zeitgeist. Now that is going to be another entry.



  1. ugh ive been doing the same thing too, but they only come out at night and they're mostly seen inside the mall =.='

    so my photos end up not taken on the streets. gaaaah, its too frustrating wwwwww

  2. this entry's so refreshing! the pic with the taho vendor made me crave for some street taho... yumyum, with extra sago and syrup ha!!