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Manila: The City that Might Have Been

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 Jujiin 0 Comments Category :

The Correspondents' reporter, Karen Davila, had a story last night about Manila's urban planning or the lack thereof. If you look at Manila today you won't notice one single indication of planning. It failed to control its massive development and as a result, lost its sparkle as the world's pearl. Sure it still has the unmatchable charm once you get to find its hidden gems but is it enough? We did have a plan, surprisingly. Politics and unavoidable circumstances shot it down. The local government never thinks about long term plans because they don't stay in power for so long. One authority should handle the entirety of Metro Manila and not just by the municipalities and its territories. The whole nation today is still high on the frustrations brought about by recent calamities but till when? Things like Manny Pacquiao winning a boxing match would make us forget about everything and go back to normal, downhill habits. We like to complain. We love art so much that we make effigies and burn them to the ground whenever we feel we're being duped by the government. We're obsessed with people power that we forget the true meaning of it. I don't see the power. I see... I don't know what I see. Oh, I see unruly buses along EDSA that clog traffic. I see pedestrians not using the sidewalks. I don't actually see a freaking sidewalk! I see garbage. I see dead bodies of water. I see concrete chaos. I see more garbage. Do you see hope?

Manila: The City that Might Have Been
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