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My Birthday

Monday, October 05, 2009 Jujiin 1 Comments Category :

The clouds didn't appear full so I wasn't expecting them to puke confetti on me at the strike of midnight. It was probably the most un-celebratory day of celebration for me. The recent cataclysmic events engulfing most of SE Asia, including of course, my country, pulled my lips down so they touch the floor where my heart was. An obscure smoke of my best friend's passing, and the thought of not being able to spend time with him during that special day shrouded me. Sure I still had that countdown machine in my head that always made it feel so New Year's Eve, but it felt strange not to expect something from him. Because you know that friends and relatives really wait for midnight to send birthday greetings through SMS. I didn't plan anything. Gots no extra money left because of the freaking iPhone. I said I just wanted to spend it with Wifey and Disco at home and probably do simple and hateful tasks like dishwashing.

Gian was supposed to host a party at his new place in Syquia but was postponed to a later date due to Ondoy. It fell on my birthday so Gian named it, "Badaf Punk Is Playing At My House." The title was too irresistible. I couldn't dare say no.

The other half of Badaf Punk, Xtina, came to my house around 11PM. I wasn't in the mood to put on some crazy outfit. At that time, I was already feeling the blues and the rest of the rainbow color family settling in my head.

Thank god we made it to Syquia before midnight. I didn't want to spend first moments of my birthday in the cab.

Attendance: Gian, Karlo, Celine and Sarah.

Gian was so sweet to prepare something to eat for Xtina. I was still full from Wifey's Coked adobo. It was the best adobo not only because it tasted divinely but also because it came from a "sacrifice." Loves you for that, Wifey! And for all the rest, of course!

I forgot who I was texting when Wifey screamed in my ear, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"
I cut him off when I saw there were still a few minutes to go.
Xtina went to the bathroom.

A few moments after, I turned my head for some reason.
Light from a pink, small candle cut a small space of darkness that filled the entire room - Xtina holding a cake and everyone singing the birthday song. It's always awkward when people sing that to you, right? You know everyone's eyes are aimed at you and sometimes you turn red and you're happy and shy and grateful and butterflies start to burst out like pretty comets from all pores of your body. I made a wish.


More friends arrived batch-by-batch


Karlo, Celine and Sarah

Gian fitting Marita. That's some brutal outfit!
I can't wait to have the Gian Romano jacket! I died when I looked at the mirror in it!

With October 3 celebrant, Geof Gonzales! Librans are the best!
Norman Noriega is October 4 too, so Happy Birthday!

With Wifey

With Xtina.
Thank you, sweets!

Badaf Punk. Hello, cheekbone!

Will and Gian

QC gurls: Darryl, Wifey, Shahani, Mike, Jam and Kel

Kiko against the nicely lit sewing machines

The party

Brutal designers Mike and Geof

Karlo and Asela

With Sarah

Dr. Martens (Shahani's and mine. Gold reflected on the silver)

Most memorable gift ever!

Birthdays are nothing without girly poses.

I left with Shahani, Darryl and Wifey. We were dropping by Orosa first to meet Lotho and the rest of the Pasong Tamo Dolls before heading home. But Lotho wasn't replying and I was tired and I had this intuition that my dog wanted to see and tongue me and greet me so we went ahead.

Elevator - Home

I opened the door and these sweet fantastics met me. With a surprised smile and a flushed face, I figured out how this had happened! Wifey is the best!

Sharing ice cream with Disco

I love you too!

I woke up around 2 in the afternoon. I walked out onto the balcony to check the weather. The sun stung my eyes and when the view finally readjusted, a red balloon on a stick (not the helium type) was drifting in the air. I followed it till the wind took it away from my sight. I didn't know what to make of it but it felt really good. Then it hit me - Ivan!

Wifey and I met up with Gian, Asela, Baba and Xtina. We were off to see Ivan's family in Bulacan. It was Tita Luz's birthday (October 1) so we were going to surprise her. We made kuntiyaba with Jacq who's birthday is on October 5. Wow so many birthdays! We bought food. Asela bought so many!


I'm out of words.
Gots nothing more to give but gratitude.
Hearts to all!



  1. yup! Librans are the best :-) glad you had a most meaningful birthday!