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Saturday, April 17, 2010 Jujiin 0 Comments Category :

It's not about being incomplete for I am and will always be.
It's about the situation.
The situation that Romy and Michele minus one.
The situation that made me forget about dancing.
And when I finally do, I remember again to forget.
The situation that drought is not welcome.
Because the eyes that would always look for you stay wet.
There's a smoke that replaced my shadow.
Forever present every time I turn my head.

Like the space between here and the farthest star
Like the coldest planet without a name
With a comet's tail as my skates,
I soar through a hundred galaxies,
I run around Saturn's rings,
I brave the unending storms of Jupiter,
I swallow suns
My constellation's fallen star is showing off somewhere
The supernova that we will never see
The colors that will never reach our eyes
The light that will never touch our skins
The phenomenon that will never hang in our skies

Patalsik naman ng iyong ulan
Padampi naman ng iyong yakap
Kahit kaunti lang
Kahit sandali lang

Lost in the forrest of asteroids
Coloring the black hole with a blacker black
How do I free myself from the chains of this eclipse?
I ask but please don't answer
Let me stay
But keep me company
Even in the most unfathomable ways