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They pretty much shaped my early gay life

Thursday, May 27, 2010 Jujiin 5 Comments Category :

Pre-Spice Girls:

- In gradeschool, by default, I was Sailormoon
- Remember Laser Quest in Megamall? I would write down my name as "Bunny Tsukino"
- I collected comic books, cards and toys that I used to decorate my locker like a shrine
- Mom would send me recorded episodes from Japan

Miss Universe 1994
- I was Miss Colombia
- I had recorded the whole show in cassette and would play it in my Walkman during breaks over and over
- I could perform the entire show (with Q&A's)
- We would do the parade of nations during P.E. classes
- Bought photos of all the candidates in Recto

- Mari Mar is the only soap I watched from start to end (and with passion)
- I dreamed of getting one set of my ribs chopped off
- I died when she sang 'Nandito Ako"
- I died when I didn't get to watch her at Araneta because I was too young then
- I watched Mari Mar the movie
- I had two of her albums and had memorized some songs

- My ultimate chick flick
- "As if" was our "queme" or "charot" back then
- I used to daydream that I was Cher (Alicia Silverstone)
- Named my hamsters Cher and Josh
- The feathered ballpen was a must-have

- I collected comic books and those Flair cards
- I had a signed issue #1 of X-men Blue Team
- We would play X-Men during P.E. classes. I was either Psylocke, Storm or Jean Grey
- Friday nights were never the same. We had a song for that actually - tune of Jollibee's 'I love you Sabado'
- Gambit and Havoc were my crushes
- Also loved Marvel's Infinity Crusade



  1. We have pretty much the same gay influences when we were growing up. I love Clueless to death!

  2. nostalgia overload! love this post. except for the Miss U part I share with you the same things that shaped my girl life ^^
    p.s I was Sailor Mars! hehe
    The ViXeN's LaiR

  3. oh my god juj! memories! grabeh!

  4. This pretty much sums up my childhood too! But you forgot about Eraserheads, Alanis Morisette and Donna Cruz! -Nix :)

  5. Strange . . . but I had exactly the same interests and experiences as you did! Haha!