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Saturday, October 09, 2010 Jujiin 3 Comments Category :

We had fun, yes, but...

  1. We understand that the whole place is unfinished but the under-construction spots that can be found almost everywhere aren't properly covered. It's like a beautiful smile with missing teeth. If you're going to open prematurely, you have to make sure the place is still aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. There are planks at every corner and cords hanging from the ceiling. Masakit sa mata!

  2. IMG_4459
    Magcocomment pa ba ako sa wall na ito?

  3. Like the entire Metro Manila, Manila Ocean Park isn't well-planned. The attractions should be easily located even without a map because they don't give you one. One must pass through the mall that sells tacky items (not anywhere near the park's theme) and fake Vuitton bags to get to the next attraction. The escalator going to the second floor is blocked for easy access because you need to go around the stalls which is painful when you just want to get to where you want.

    This is a Philippine tourist attraction. Why sell fake designer handbags? The mall should at least have something (the souvenir shop is crappy as hell) na pwedeng dayuhin like good food. The Hotel H2O is within the establishment and it doesn't seem up to par with the park. Ako na Pinoy nahiya para sa mga foreigners. Ito na ba yung kaya natin?

  4. IMG_4350
    The arena exposes you to the oftentimes unfriendly Manila weather (heat, sun burn, humidity, rain)

  5. IMG_4405
    The Marine Life Show's audio is terrible. The music is louder than the voice-over. And they should get someone who speaks more clearly, enthusiastically, and one who knows how to use adverbs.

  6. IMG_4527
    Food here is overpriced dahil hinde masarap. The 3-4 servings that the menu says is actually just for one. So ano itsura ng personal serving?

  7. IMG_4534
    Bakit may insects sa tuktok ng jeep that has information about Philippine cuisine?

  8. IMG_4538
    Cd-r King at an ocean-themed place? Sa bagay baka maisip mo na kailangan mo pala ng cd's. Shrug, shrug.

  9. IMG_4539
    Maganda ang styling 'di ba?

  10. Absence of signage. Especially important things like no-flash photography. Ako pa mismo ang nagsasabi sa mga tao na bawal ang flash! Absence of employees that should control the crowd like chaotic children who tap the glass of the fish tank and their walang pakialam parents who spit on the ground and throw cigarette butts sa Manila Bay mismo. Walang point na nagandahan ka lang sa mga nakita mo pero magkakalat ka rin at papatay ng kagandahan. Hinde tamang na-appreciate mo lang. Kinulong sila para may ma-realize ka. At mukhang wala rin namang pakialam ang Manila Ocean Park. Where's the education? Wala. Minsan, hopeless talaga ang Filipinos.

  11. IMG_4757
    People throwing coins into this poor crocodile's waters. Again, wala bang magbabawal?

  12. IMG_4952
    At the Asian food exhibit, we found three girls playing with the sauces. Again, walang bantay.

  13. IMG_4950
    This is a balot?

  14. IMG_4951
    This is a bat.

  15. IMG_5025
    The Musical Fountain Show. How do I start with you? If I had a kid, I'd be insulted if he actually enjoyed this. Walang story. Poor narration. Wala man lang lesson. Sayang ang technology. Everything is done in unacceptable, rotten taste. My eyes and ears would fall off every time the jejemon starfish come out.



  1. tama...

    ive been here last Nov. oh well ganun pa dn pala. nag enjoy lang ako nung nakita ko si hindy tantoco sa pancake house.


  2. this is a sad reality of the Philippine Tourism.

  3. i agree, Manila ocean park's entertainment is super low quality. i wouldn't recommend it =) -thons