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Friday, July 01, 2011 Jujiin 0 Comments Category :

Photo on 2011-07-01 at 05.11

Woke up at 1PM, washed my face, ate Filipino-style spaghetti, ate banana chips, reviewed 2,000+ photos, edited 75+, saved 200+ more, got scared of thunder so I listened to indie pop (walang sense), edited a video, visitor 1: Grendel Alvarado, visitor 2: Peabo Orilla, fixed half of my room because one cabinet collapsed and barfed clothes so I had to rearrange and fold and clean, washed my hands, helped Wifey with an assignment, went back to editing, ate Andok's lechon manok, sinigang and chopseuy at 5 in the morning.
July has indeed started.
My eyes bleed.
My back attacks.
Oh my god, I need to workout.
Oh my god, tons of things to do tomorrow/later.
I will shower now.
Good Mornight.